Should you switch up your regular eyebrow tint for henna brows instead?

A non-permanent brow filler that’s perfect for lazy girls? Sign me up.

By Erin Cook

Show me a woman who enjoys penciling in her brows every morning and I will show you a liar.

For most women, a filled-in brow is a non-negotiable part of their makeup routine. For me, my AM ritual goes a little like this: sunscreen, foundation, mascara and — without fail — brows.

However, while I enjoy the way a defined brow looks, I can't say I enjoy the act of filling them in. For want of a better word, I'm lazy. And this ritual is a bit, well, fiddly.

And that's where henna brows come in.

What are henna brows?

Sydney-based brow expert Amy Jean was one of the first people to bring henna brows to Australia. And considering her salon is mere metres from the Cosmo office, it'd be straight-up rude not to try the treatment – right? So, last week, I took the plunge and made by way to Amy Jean Brow Agency, tucked away on level 10 of the St James Trust Building on Elizabeth Street.

Henna ink is traditionally reserved for elaborate body art and has been used for centuries in India and parts of the Middle East. At Amy Jean Brow Agency, this same ink is used to make eyebrows look fuller and more defined.

How does henna differ from your stock-standard tint? According to Amy Jean, your garden variety brow tint is designed to colour the brow hairs themselves, whereas henna ink dyes the skin behind the brows. The henna treatment that Amy Jean offers contains a mixture of the two – so both your brows and the skin get a top up of colour.

On the commitment spectrum, henna brows are a little bit more permanent than a regular tint, but far less daunting than microblading.

The treatment

I wasn't sure what to expect when went in for my henna brow treatment; would the process be totally different to a standard tint? Short answer: no.

To start, Amy Jean waxed my brows into shape and then nabbed a few stray hairs using tweezers. Then, she applied the henna dye mixture and left it for a few minutes to sink in. Five minutes later, we were done!

Straight afterwards

Walking out of the salon, my brows were 1,000% more defined than when I walked in. And as for the shape? Amy Jean is one of the best in the business.

To be honest, they were a tad darker than what I would normally go for. However, Amy Jean recommends going a shade darker as the henna ink tends to fade after a few days.

Day four

By day four, the tint had faded to what I consider my optimal brow shade. Huzzah! As far as longevity, henna brows can last anywhere between four days and three weeks, depending on the way your skin reacts with the ink. For me personally, the dye stuck around for about a week.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. I'd never pass up a beauty treatment that allows an extra five minutes of shut eye in the morning.

A brow sculpt and henna tint from Amy Jean Brow Agency will set you back $115. Click here for more details.