Holographic Hair is Here And It’s Like, Really Pretty

Would you try this enchanting new hair trend?

By Erin Doyle
holographic hair

A new day, a new hair trend—and this one takes prettiness to the next level.

We’re suckers for a pinch of colour as well as a bit of hair experimentation so when we discovered holographic hair, it almost had us running to the hairdresser.

Holographic hair seems like it has taken beauty inspiration from rainbows, unicorns, fairies and Japanese anime, all mixed into one flawless hairstyle — and we are so here for it.

According to Hello Giggles, the Seattle-based Ross Michaels Salon kicked off the trend which is taking Instagram by storm, with the look itself created using a combination of Pravana shades. Among these are Violet (in Express Tones), Pastels Luscious Lavender and Blissful Blue.

The end result is transluscent-looking locks that make you feel as though you’re looking at a hologram in hair form.