How to get holographic lips using 3 products

Just in time for ~Halloween~.

By Erin Cook

Question: Have you ever heard of a holographic lip?


Well, allow us to introduce you to the reigning queen of the holographic lip: Lexie Lazear.

The US based makeup artist like to push the boundaries. (In the past, she has transformed her face into famous paintings.)

More recently, Lazear posted her interpretation of the holographic lip on Instagram and was kind enough to share her secrets with Bustle.

Step 1.

First off, you need a long lasting liquid lipstick. Lazear suggests Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day liquid lip in Bellissimo, $35.

Step 2.

You’re also going to need some specifically formulated glitter glue. Try Too Faced Glitter Glue, $28. Apply it liberally.

Step 3.

ADD ALL OF THE GLITTER! Add as little or as much as you like but just add GLITTER! Any ol’ glitter will do but for the record, Lazear used large particle holo glitter from Make Up Forever.

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Now, go forth and be fabulous.