The amount of money Dr Pimple Popper makes from her videos is INSANE

If only we’d cashed in our hormonal teenage skin.

Dr Sandra Lee (aka Dr Pimple Popper), a Californian-based dermatologist, makes the most mesmerising “pimple porn” videos and the internet has understandably become obsessed with them (most videos getting hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of views). After all, those dermal explosions are just so damn satisfying to watch.

From blackheads to pimples to cysts, she’s popped ‘em all on camera and according to New York magazine, all those extraction clips could be serious moneymakers.

“Her YouTube channel could easily bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars this year.”


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So Dr Sandra Lee potentially has a lot of popaholics to thank for her pay packet.

That said though, apparently standard procedures like Botox and vein removal still make up the majority of her income.

If we could go back in time to highschool, we could seriously make bank with our squeezing vids. Oh the regrets.