5 easy ways to boost your blusher game

Get cheeky!

By Victoria Jowett
5 easy ways to boost your blusher game

Get dewy

Dewy skin = dreamy. So mix a little cream blush with some moisturiser on the back of your hand then pat into the apples of your cheeks - it's our fave* recipe for a glowy flush.

Matchy makeup

Repeat after me, 'colour co-ordination isn't cringey', here on the beauty desk we're all for matchy-matchy makeup. So boost your blush by taking it across your lids as an eyeshadow and* pat into your pout for a DIY lip tint.

Go two-tone

Legendary makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury, pioneered the 'swish & pop' technique specifically for applying blusher. But what does that mean? Simply use a two-tone blush and take the more subtle shade across your cheekbones, then add a pop of colour to the apples of the cheeks with a dusting of the brighter blush.

Highlight, highlight, highlight**

The best way to enhance a feature? With sparkle. Yep, highlighting is guaranteed to draw attention to your rosy flush, so be sure to sweep a sheen-worthy highlighter over your cheekbones post-blusher.

Use a blush 'topper'**

Wtf is blush topper you might ask? It's multi-tonal, sheer blush with a metallic undertone (think, rose-gold and pearly silver), dust a little over your regular blusher to instantly amp it up and make your cheekbones appear 3D.

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