4 things you need to know to avoid a brow tattoo horror story

'Cos that sh*t will be on your face for a long time…

should i tattoo my eyebrows

It’s difficult to not have a love/hate relationship with your eyebrows — you resent how much time and effort it takes to get them even every morning, but once they’re done, they look SO DAMN GOOD. Leaving you in a constant limbo of ‘I love the way they look’ and ‘I really can’t be arsed to draw them on’.

However, there’s now a treatment that saves you from being a slave to the pencil that gives you permanently fleek eyebrows. This face-saver is called Microblading, and it is basically hella fine tattoos that look like individual hairs drawn on to your face. GENIUS.

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The downside to this treatment is that you are signing up for whatever the beautician puts onto your face for at least a year — meaning that if it’s dodge, you’re stuck looking like this for yonks:

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One of Australia’s most reputable eyebrow artists, Sharon Lee, sees this kind of stuff up all the time. “I carry out fix-up appointments all too often. Generally they are a result of poorly trained or inexperienced therapists that have been booked by clients looking for a cheaper option. It’s very much a case of ‘you get what you pay for’.”

…Which is something that local Aussie, Katherine McPhee, learned the hard way after her scary eyebrow disaster that looked painful AF.

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So you should be dropping those dollar bills if you want you brows to look decent. Noted.

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But what else do we need to know before we sign away our lives to microblading? Here are the top tips from the Brow Queen herself, Sharon Lee, that you need to know before you have your treatment:

1. Think about shape

Your shape is fully customised, designed especially for you by your brow artist. There is no excuse for a shape that is anything other than perfect. Shapes, angles and arches should be completely symmetrical, and strokes should create smooth, flawless lines above and below the brow.

You should take in a couple of pictures of celebrities (with similar face shapes to you) who have eyebrows that you’re a fan of. That way you can talk through some of the looks with your brow artist and nail the perfect shape.

We know who we’re bringing in…

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2. Colour match like your life depends on it

The colour of your brows should be fully customised to your skin tone and hair colour. A range of colours are often used to achieve a more natural and 3-dimensional result, so let your artist know if you want to go a little darker and bolder, or have a perfect match to your pre-existing brow fluff.

3. Avoid ‘Picket Fences’

Sadly, this is common amongst even the most well-known brow artists. Strokes should not appear as long, spaced-out individual lines that resemble picket fences. Your hair does not grow like this naturally, so why tattoo in this way? They will also fade quickly and give a very ‘flat’ look. A great brow artist should leave you with brows that can barely be told apart from natural hair, with an almost 3-dimensional look.

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4. Pick a properly trained brow artist

“Brow artists should take the utmost care in their craft — not only as the slightest change in a brow can affect the entire face, but particularly when performing a treatment with such long-lasting results,” says Sharon Lee. “Your brow artist should not only have years of experience, but be properly trained as a Beauty or Dermal Therapist, with sound knowledge of skin, hair and anatomy.” So check their qualifications before you hand them the fate of your face!