These four girls quit their day jobs to become beauty bloggers

Here’s what life really looks like behind their Instagrams.

By Yelena Fairfax
how to become a beauty blogger

Beauty bloggers have it pretty good, right?! Enviable wardrobes and perfect lip application, schmoozing with VIPs at parties and getting sent endless product hauls. But is the life of a beauty blogger as glamorous as it all seems? To find out, we chatted to four girls who gave up their day jobs to join the world of beauty blogging.

Eleanor Pendleton, Gritty Pretty, [](|target="_blank")

After spending eight years as a beauty editor working across various glossy magazines, desires for a better work-life balance saw Eleanor give it all up for the bright lights of freelance beauty writing and blogging – where she relaunched her dormant blog Gritty Pretty. The rest, as they say, is history.

“The website took off within a couple of months and I decided if I was going to run Gritty Pretty as a business, I was going to do it properly! I invested EVERYTHING I had into the website.” But while gaining pinch-me moments such as securing Chanel as the site’s first annual advertiser and clinching cover stars like Miranda Kerr and Lara Worthington, it’s hasn’t been glitz and glamour 24-7.

“I'm the first to admit there are many perks to my job as a beauty editor – the main one being incredibly lucky to travel and see the world – but there are also terribly long hours (hello, writing editor's letter at 4am), deadlines, stress and pressure that come along with it.” But her top advice for success? “Work your ass off, be patient, stay true, be original, know your 'why' and success will eventually come.​”

Chloe Brinklow, TOMBOY Beauty, [](|target="_blank")

With lifelong ambitions to become an editor and six years of industry experience, Chloe took a leap of faith earlier this year – ditching her job at a luxury digital agency to launch TOMBOY Beauty. “I knew TOMBOY Beauty had a unique point of difference, and I had most of the skills I needed to make it work, so I went for it,” she exclaims.

With notches under her belt such as attending Paris Fashion Week to report backstage for fashion houses like Dior, plus shooting and interviewing Gary Pepper Girl’s Nicole Warne and supermodel Erin Wasson, Chloe’s clearly landed on her feet. But if this all sounds a bit like a dream too good to be true, Chloe warns being your own boss also brings with it some not-so-fun aspects (think finance, legal, invoices, and transcribing!).

For those wanting to get into beauty blogging, Chloe advises to: “Skill up. Not a strong writer – do a writing course, don't have any relationships – apply for work experience. AND most importantly, have a point of difference. There's so much noise in the beauty space, make your mark.”

Maria Vlezko, SoNailicious, [](|target="_blank")

She’s had her nail designs shared on social media by Valentino alongside the caption, “A work of art!” and been listed bymarie clairemagazine as one of the top nail art experts in the world, so it’s fair to say SoNailicious’ Maria Vlezko is one of Australia’s beauty blogging success stories!

So what originally lured Maria into the business? “Starting my blog allowed me to combine all of my passions: beauty, fashion, photography, design and painting. Plus, I wanted to leave the corporate world and become the master of my own destiny!” she laughs. For any up-and-coming bloggers, Maria advises to: “Make sure you're prepared to work hard without much initial reward.”

Evangeline Sarney, Makeup Tips, [](|target="_blank")

After receiving on average 100+ questions a day from people asking for beauty advice, May last year saw Makeup Tips editor Evangeline Sarney decide to take up blogging full-time. “As my blog started to progress and reach larger milestones, I realised I needed more time if I really wanted to make something of this,” reveals Evangeline.

In between attending product launches, parties and meetings, the rest of the day sees Evangeline writing blog posts, photographing, and managing social media. To any rising bloggers, Evangline’s top tip is to: “Set yourself goals and milestones, they don't have to be big ones – they can be as small as trying out a new social media platform or reaching a certain number of comments on your blog post. However, don't over-analyse things, it's important to preserve your creativity and passion.”

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