How to choose the right lipstick and nail polish for your skin tone

This trick will help you find the most flattering hue.

 How to choose the right lipstick and nail polish colour for your skin tone

Before you file yourself under any skin tone box, it’s best to properly assess whether you’re warm, cool or neutral-toned, as this will help determine what colours suit your complexion.

To do this, look at your veins.

If you’ve got more blue veins, it means you’re cool-toned. More green? That means you’re warm-toned. If you seem to have a mix of both hues, it means you’re neutral-toned, and lucky for you, that means you can get away with anything.

Cool tones tend to be fairer, however you can have darker skin and still be cool-toned, much like lighter skin can also be warm-toned, which is why the vein check is key.


If your skin has more yellow undertones...

(AKA your veins are on the green side), your face will pop with warmer lipstick hues like orange-based reds.

If your skin has a pink undertone...

(meaning your veins tend to look bluer), blue-based shades like berry red should be your go-to.

Want to rock a nude lip....?

Choose a neutral shade that’s the same or slightly darker than your natural lip colour.

Whether you choose a softer or louder shade doesn’t matter entirely though, the full spectrum of colours can look stunning on every skin tone, it just comes down to your undertones.

That said, at the end of the day, if you want to rock a colour just because you love it, then GO FOR IT.


Nail polishes are generally a week-long commitment, so you want it to be a flattering shade.

If you have cool undertones...

stick to blue-based nail polishes for your best manicure yet.

Berry reds, ANY shade of pink, peach and all shades of the pastel rainbow look amazing with a cool-toned complexion, as does a sheer, pinker nude. Dark hues like navy and silvery black will also MAKE your mani.

If you have a warmer complexion...

you should look for varnish with golden undertones, think beiges and bronzes, or funnily enough, anything with actual gold flecks.

Much like lipstick, orange-based hues should be your go-to. Colours with saturated pigment (like sky blue, violet and fuchsia) tend to pop more than a pastel hue, but that doesn’t mean you should rule them out entirely.

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