Kim Kardashian has revealed more makeup tricks

Is there any body part that can’t be contoured?

Kim Kardashian has revealed more makeup tricks

Kim Kardashian has been on a makeup tutorial rampage of late as she builds up content for her new beauty website and TBH, we’re loving it.

In her latest tutorial, shot with her “boo thang”, Makeup Artist, Mario Dedivanovic, Kim shows off a cobalt blue smoky eye and a dark, moody lip, and also reveals just how much she contours that jaw of hers.

Jawline contouring (AKA v-line contouring) is trending on the mainstream beauty scene at the moment, but it’s actually an eastern makeup technique used to create a slimmer, more angular face, and it’s been around for a while. And of course, the Queen of Kontouring is all about it.

Essentially, you apply makeup that's darker than your foundation in the hollows of your cheekbones and directly along your jawline, and then you apply makeup that's lighter than your foundation just above your jawline and in towards your chin. Be sure to blend the areas very well, so they appear shadow-like.

And so the long wait continues until we can watch all of Kim’s tutorials from start to finish over and over again. She’s such a tease.