No makeup makeup

Makeup that looks like you’re not even wearing makeup? So you look like you, only better? Yeah!

By Leigh Campbell

1) Ditch the foundation

Use a BB or CC cream instead. It will even out your tone while still letting any skin quirks (such as moles and freckles) show through. Apply with a foundation brush so it’s extra sheer.

2) Swipe the teeniest bit of bronze cream shadow over your eyelid

Use your ring finger and really blend it in. This’ll take away any darkness (eyelids can often have a purple tinge), plus the cream texture will mimic the lids’ natural glossiness.

3) Curl eyelashes

Then apply a defining black mascara to the top line only. Don’t apply too much; just a few modest coats.

4) Use a soft peach or pink liquid blush

Tap it onto to the apple of your cheeks and pat with your middle finger until it’s blended with the base. Avoid powder (so don’t reach for the bronzer) as it’s a dead giveaway you’re wearing makeup.

5) Grab a clear balm

Use to plump and hydrate lips, but forget the lip gloss – it’s simply too shiny and doesn’t scream “natural”.

6) Accept compliments on your fresh face

A simple nod and smile will do it.