Khloé Kardashian’s makeup in under 15 minutes

Watch celebrity Makeup Artist, Sir John’s step-by-step guide.

By Amelia Bowe

Khloé Kardashian's makeup is always flawless, so it's no surprise she has a glam squad dolling her up every day. We were lucky enough to meet her hair and makeup team at the recent Mane Addicts workshop in Sydney, where they shared some killer tips and tricks. We asked her Makeup Artist, Sir John, whose celeb clients include Beyoncé, Joan Smalls, and Chrissy Teigen, to teach us that sexy, smoky eye we saw her rocking on Instagram, and he was absolutely magical. I tried desperately not to wash my face after he touched it, but failed. #LifeRegrets

Cosmo's Online Beauty and Lifestyle Writer, Amelia, with Sir John.

1. BASE: Apply foundation.

Blend your foundation down your neck and use your fingers underneath your eyes.

2. SCULPT:  Define your face.

Use a cream contour to sculpt.

3. CONCEAL: Apply more foundation for coverage.

Build up your foundation if you need more in certain areas.

4. BRONZE: Create symmetry.

Apply your bronzer, or the product which will correct your asymmetry.

5. EYES: Make them pop.

Add warmth to the sockets of your eyes with bronzer or a powder that’s dark than your foundation to create the base. Then prime your eyelids with kohl of a similar shade to the eye shadow you’ll be applying. You can use a small, dense brush and your fingers to blend.

6. DEFINE: With eyeliner and sparkly, ebony eye shadow.

Apply kohl to your waterline and smudge slightly. Pat a sparkly, ebony eye shadow onto your eyelids using your fingers. Then, blend it. Follow with concealer underneath the eye to hide fall out.

7. TOUCH UP: Make it flawless.

You’ll need to touch up your ‘hot spots’ AKA oilier areas, with foundation or pressed powder.

8. LASHES: Create definition.

Apply your mascara.

9. CONTOUR: Enhance your bone structure.

Contour your cheekbones with a powder that’s darker than your foundation, and dust your ‘hot spots’ with pressed powder again.

10. STROBING: Illuminate your features.

Gently tap highlighter onto the high points of your outer face.

11. BLUSH: Kiss your cheeks with colour.

Then, add warmth to your cheeks with three strokes of blush. There's no need to go OTT as you want it to look natural.

12. LIPS: Smack on your lips.

Lastly, apply tinted lip balm and a swipe of beige pink lipstick.

Once your makeup is done, you might as well recreate Khloé’s hair while you’re at it. Her hairstylist, Jen Atkin, showed us how to recreate her signature, effortless waves in the video below and it’s way easier than you’d think.