Here's why everyone's freaking out about face gloss

It's the newest way to contour and highlight.

By Sam Escobar
Face gloss

Contouring is cool and all (if you've got the time, skills, and pile of products). But we love the most fool-proof part of the process — highlighting — which can be done with or without all the shading and shadowing, to give an instant glow.

And we're really loving the latest way to get that luminous, light-reflecting look without all the shimmer of traditional highlighters: face gloss.

Face gloss is essentially what it sounds like: a clear liquid product created for your face, as opposed to your lips, where we're used to seeing it. Its goal: to give your face a highlighted look that's neither sticky nor chalky, but rather natural and dewy. Here's what one of the most buzzed-about picks, Milk Makeup Face Gloss ($20,, looks like:

On top of beauty lovers everywhere touting it as a new fave, the pros love it, too. "Heavy contouring may look beautiful on Instagram, but most of the women I know have no interest in wearing four pounds of makeup," says Laramie, makeup artist and owner of Book Your Look. "They want to look fresh, youthful, and dewy — which is exactly the best way to use face gloss."

Ready to give it a try? Follow these easy steps.

1. Add sheen to your eyes. Laramie recommends tapping a small amount of face gloss onto the centre of your lids, either atop eye shadow (to give your makeup a cool, sexy look), or on your bare skin.

2. Highlight your cheeks. Tap the gloss along your cheekbones where you would normally place a highlighter, advises Laramie, who adds: "Make sure to tap it to blend rather than rubbing it — this will ensure an even finish."

3. Give lips a touch of shine. To make your lips look fuller, apply a bit of the gloss to the centre of your bottom lip.

Just like that, you've got an all-over radiant look using just one simple product.