This genius hack means you can apply a face mask AND do your makeup at the same time!

No black magic necessary.

By Erin Cook

If you’re anything like us – tall, awkward, covered in feathers… – you’re probably besotted by the recent face masking trend. A few years ago, a good face mask was hard to find. But fast-forward to 2017 and there’s a mask out there for every skin concern. Heck, you can even multi-mask if you want to.

The downside of face masking is that it’s time consuming. However, genius beauty wizard Amadea Muse has come up with a solution that means you can apply a face mask and do your makeup at the same time.

In this video posted Amadea’s Instagram account and later shared by Huda Beauty, she teaches us her ways.

First, Amadea applies Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask by Sand & Sky, $69.90, at, while taking care to avoid the eye area.

Most clay masks take a solid 10-15 minutes to work their magic – right? During this time, Amadea creates an intricate smokey eye using the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, $95, at Sephora.

Once she’s finished her eyes – voila! – the mask is ready to be washed off. Amadea carefully removes the product using a cloth similar to the MakeUp Eraser, $32, at Sephora.

At this stage, her eyes are on fleek and her skin is clean, soft, bright and perfectly primed for her foundation.

Sure – it’s a simple trick but it’s effective, no?

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