Everyone’s doing it: the pixie

Miley did it, so did Beyonce, and JLaw is the latest celeb to go the big crop…we defs have a new ‘do crush!

By Alexis Teasdale
Jennifer Lawrence

Star who wear it well

Aside from Beyoncé, some of our fave crop-sporting stars include Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway and the most aptly named Pixie Geldof. Nervous about doing the big chop? Use our “Snip in Stages” guide.

Snip in stages

Scared to make the chop but sure you want to go for it? Take things slow and start with a long bob, then work your way up to the pixie. While the styles work for all face shapes, our guide illustrates the cuts that’ll suit you best.

Square: Try a long bob like Vanessa Hudgens.

Round: Ask your stylist for a soft crop, à la Elisabeth Moss.

Oval: Go for a style that’s long on the top, like Anne Hathaway’s.

Heart: A short-on-the-sides cut like Coco Rocha’s = amazing.

Square: You’re lucky like Pixie Geldof: a tight crop will work too.

Have naturally curly hair?

You may want to try a keratin treatment. It will relax your strands so you don’t have to straighten every day.

Don’t go there if:

You just split with your boyfriend.You’re engaged and want long hair on your wedding day.You’re about to sign a Victoria’s Secret contract.