How to grow your hair long AF

We are all about mermaid hair right now.

By Erin Cook

We're calling it: Really, really, really long mermaid hair is having a moment. Kim Kardashian is on board. So are a host of other celebrities including Vanessa Hudgens and Nicki Minaj.

Do you know who else is really into this long hair trend? Us!

However, this style doesn't happen overnight. (Annoying, we know.) But there are things you can do to make your hair grow faster.

How often should you cut your hair?

According to Barney Martin, from Sydney's Barney Martin Hair, "You should be getting your hair cut every 6-8 weeks – religiously! Even if it is a mini cut."

As Pantene hair ambassador Remington Schulz points out, hair dusting is a beauty buzzword that isn't a fad. "If you're really serious about growing your hair and fast, try dusting," he says. "Dusting removes only your damaged, split hair to encourage healthy hair growth."

Is heat styling bad for your hair?

According to Pantene, each year, a woman's hair is exposed to 210 blow dries, 400 uses of straightening irons and – no surprises here – it can cause damage that will stop hair from growing longer.

In short, you might want to go easy on the heat styling for a bit. Barney agrees: "To prevent breakage ease up on the straighteners and try not to over blow dry your hair as this parches the ends."

What are the best products for hair growth?

Your hair will need some regular TLC if you want to see significant hair growth. "I find a lot of women want to grow their hair long, but don't realise this is part of an all-round healthy hair regime," Remington says.

"As a starting point, you need to repair and protect your hair from any damage to strengthen it from root to tip. Use an advanced formula like Pantene's new Long & Strong Pro-Vitamin shampoo and conditioner to specifically target and repair your hair's week spots to provide a strong foundation for hair growth."

If you have a colour in your hair, Barney recommends Olaplex: "It's a colour treated clients go to."

"You can opt for a professional application and Olaplex treatment at the salon and then purchase a take home for weekly home treatments."

While we're on the topic of at-home products, you can't go wrong with a leave in conditioner. "Love, love, love R+Co High Dive Moisture + Shine Crème, $27," Barney continues.

Do hair, skin and nails supplements actually work?

As Barney points out, some hair, skin and nails supplements are worthwhile, depending on what's in them: "You can use silica based products which have been known to strengthen hair." Try Qsilica tablets, $24.99.

Another hero ingredient? Vitamin B. "Your hair, skin and nails can really benefit from a little extra vitamin boost," Remington explains. "Vitamin B in particular is essential for hair growth so make sure your supplement has a nice long list of all the different kinds of B Vitamins."