How to remove a gel manicure at home

‘Cause we don’t want to pay the shellac removal fee either.

By Erin Cook

Just quietly, we're quite fond of the odd shellac manicure, especially when there's glitter involved. Any nail varnish that allows us to extend the amount of time between touch-ups is fine by us!

However, there comes a time in a girl's life when she has to remove said shellac. You know, once it starts to chip, crack and tear at your nails.

Of course, you can always go back to the salon to get it removed. But that requires time and money. Here's how you can remove gel nails at home:

Step 1

Pop down to the shops to purchase your nail removing weapons – you probably won't have everything you need at home. Invest in a gel polish remover, like Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Acetone Remover, $9.95, at Priceline. Plus, Opallac Gel Remover Wraps, $15 OR aluminium foil and cotton wool.

Step 2

If you're using the wraps, soak them in the Gel Polish Acetone Remover before wrapping tightly around each nail.

Alternatively – if you went for the budget option – soak a nail sized square of cotton in the Gel Polish Acetone Remover, place it on top of the nail and wrap tightly in aluminium foil.

Continue this process until all nails are covered.

Step 3


Step 4

Wait some more.

Step 5

Think about all the money you're saving while you wait.

Step 6

After 15 minutes, the polish should start to lift off the nail. Gently push the remaining product off with a stick.