How to rock the winter tan

Look like a sun-kissed goddess in the cool season, no overseas holiday required...

What’s the ideal shade for winter? The right hue is the one that doesn’t look like you’ve got a “suntan” but rather a healthy glow. So try a few different brands and shades. How to do it:

Prep: Exfoliate with body scrub to get rid of any dull, dry skin cells.
Tan: Apply a gradual tan with your hands. Reapply every few days.
Maintain: “Switch from a lotion to a body butter,” says Michaella Bolder, St. Tropez skin-finishing expert. Quick trick: Don’t have time to tan all over but want to wear a tights-free outfit? “Just tan areas on show and work around your outfit,” says tanning guru James Read. We like St. Tropez Self Tan Perfect Legs Spray, $22.95.

Got a problem? Not any more: Excuse: “I can’t deal with the upkeep.”
Try: Vita Liberta Phenomenal Long Lasting Tan Mousse, $57.50, has technology that makes it last an incredible two to three weeks.

Excuse: “My skin is so dry my tan looks patchy.”
Try: Creams, like Bondi Sands Self Tanning Lotion, $19.95, are more hydrating than mousses or sprays. Apply after your shower.

Excuse: “It’s too cold to stay naked while it dries.”
Try: Gels sink in immediately. Try Sukín Sunless Bronzing Gel, $17.95. Rub it into skin after you shower, get dressed, and go!