Is this mascara hack one step too far?

We’ve never seen eyelashes like this before.

The same beauty blogger who brought us sticky tape contouring has now shared a tutorial about how to create “Cotton Lash Extensions” and it’s definitely a dramatic look.

Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty explains in her YouTube video, “I wanted to do a hack on how to get amazing lashes without using false eyelashes”.

Here's what Huda's eyelashes look like before:

She starts by applying lash conditioner and mascara, then wraps cotton wool fibres around her spoolie brush and brushes these onto her eyelashes.

Huda then applies a second coat of mascara to secure the cotton wool in place (she then adds more fibres and mascara) and repeats the process on the other eye.

The finished result reveals full blown, brow-grazing eyelashes. And while they are extremely long, they’re a little bit wayward.


If you couldn’t be bothered doing all of this (we’re not so sure it’s that much easier than applying actual falsies), we recommend trying a mascara which deposits fibres onto your natural lashes, like Model Co Fibre Lash Mascara, for extra oomph.

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