We’re calling it: This Instagram account is the new Dr Pimple Popper

These ingrown hair removals are so, so mesmerising.

By Erin Cook

In case you haven’t noticed, Dr Pimple Popper is kind of our thing. We’re borderline obsessed with Dr Sandra Lee and her never-ending stream of pimple-popping goodness. (See: this baby-faced cyst and this blackhead extraction.)

Our love affair with Dr Pimple Popper has been an ongoing thing over the past few years. However, just recently, we discovered a new account to complement our addiction: Tweezist.

Instagram account Tweezist shares recordings of ingrown hair removals — and, just so you know, they are so, so satisfying.

Watch the video below for the full Tweezist experience.

Please share this very important discovery with your friends. Tweezist is the Instagram account the world deserves.

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