‘Barbed wire’ brows are taking over Instagram

Y tho?

By Erin Cook

Did you think that eyebrows were exempt from the crazy world of Instagram beauty trends? (See: penis winged eyeliner, pastelage, butt glitter…)


Enter barbed wire brows: This new styling hack, as pointed out by Allure, is seriously catching on.

Barbed wire brows isn’t a play on words. Far from it. To achieve this look, brows are parted into zig-zags all the way across, until they start to resemble a barbed wire fence.

While they’re probably not your first choice for a low-key date night look, you have to admit that barbed wire brows are attention grabbing. Makeup artist, jeanxfoxx, captioned the below image, “This photo is simply for brow appreciation, I used red glitter and clear gloss on the lid.”

If you want to try this look at home, you’ll need a clear brow gel at your disposal. Try Benefit Ready, Set, BROW!, $42, or The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel, $19.

Barbed wire brows not your thing? We understand. Could we tempt you with feather brows instead?