This 21-year-old has become Instafamous after posting her before and after acne pics

Get it girl!

Kali Kushner

If Kali Kushner’s face hasn’t popped up on your Instagram feed yet, stop what you’re doing and go on a deep dive into her archive — this girl’s story is truly impressive

She started her account as a way of documenting her journey with cystic acne, but it quickly led to over 26,000 followers, and countless comments like “Your skin looks amaze!!!” and “you are my inspiration”. And while there are many different solutions to giving acne the boot, it was Accutane that was the hero in her story.

“I was just trying to keep track of my progress as I went through my six-month prescription...” Kushner told Marie Claire US, assuring she wasn’t out to get any attention by starting her Instagram account @myfacestory.

After a major acne breakout back in 2014, she spent a year trying any and every cure under the sun. “I tried literally everything: the oil cleansing method, which is where you wash your face with oil, the caveman method, which is where you don’t put anything on your face at all, plus every cream, potion, and antibiotic that my dermatologist prescribed me, but nothing worked.”

With no results, Kali and her dermatologist settled on Accutane. It began clearing her skin in a matter of weeks, but she does warn that being on this acne drug did not come without its side effects. “It made me dry literally everywhere, and made me feel achey all over, all day long, every single day. It’d take me ten minutes just to get out of bed in the morning, because my back was so sore.”

And that’s where her journey to clear skin began. Her approach has been so honest that she can receive up to 50 messages a day from people either reaching out for advice, or just to give their words of support. “It’s been crazy to see so much support from complete strangers,”.

Not only did she take her followers through her amazing physical transformation, Kali is also out to fight stigma around acne and acne sufferers. “People think you have acne because you’re dirty, or you don’t wash your face, or you’re just generally unkempt,” Kali explained. With many physical and genetic factors that come into play, acne can often be something that is totally out of someone’s control. “…people look down upon it as if it’s something you’re not trying hard enough to fix, which is what I try to dispel in my Instagram.” Kali told Marie Claire US

Despite being off Accutane for over a year now, Kushner is still posting her powerful selfies, knowing that her experience with acne will never truly be over. “I’m genetically predisposed to acne, so I’ve come to learn that my skin will have its ups and downs, and it might get better or worse some months, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.”.

Now that the majority of her acne seems to have cleared up, Kushner has shifted her attention to reducing acne scarring, but not before paying herself out with hashtags like #rockyroad and #cheetahspots. She mentions argan oil, dermarolling and vitamin C as some of the things that have helped with scarring, and has turned to a more plant-based diet to lessen any food-related acne returning.

A few years after her journey began, Kali is still in daily contact with her ‘acne fam’, keeping them motivated and letting them know that they’re not in their suffering alone. “Acne is so hush-hush and shamed in society, and having clear skin is the epitome of beauty, so if you dare have a zit or a breakout —and if you dare to take a picture of it— it’s almost like something’s wrong with you, which is so false.”