Jeffree Star and Laura Lee Are No Longer Friends and It's Getting MESSY

Let the drama begin...

By Kelsey Stiegman

On Sunday, Jeffree Star posted this:

Instantly, fans started speculating about who the "ex-best friend" is and many concluded that the shade was meant for his known bestie, Manny Gutierrez.

But both beauty vloggers took to Snapchat to shut down the rumors, posing photos of the two of them together.


Outspoken Jeffree took to Twitter again to tweet even more shade...

Fans deduced that the hate was actually meant for the third member of their famous trio, fellow vlogger Laura Lee.

Some came to her defence, but Jeffree was not having it. He reportedly wrote (and then deleted) that Laura's "soul is pure evil."


Laura subtly hit back, liking the below tweets.

At this point, it's unclear what led to the demise of this friendship, but rumors have been swirling that it's because Jeffree refused to invest in Laura's makeup brand. Manny explained on Snapchat that those rumors are totally false.

"The whole fake rumor about Jeffree investing into my brand – that whole 'he stopped investing into my brand and that's why I dropped him' – absolutely false," Manny stated. "And he did not invest in Laura's brand either."

Other beauty influencers are getting in on the drama as well. Kandee Johnson posted a tweet that seems to reference the whole situation – and Jeffree retweeted it.

Can't we all just get along?

According to Jeffree and Laura have been reached out to but have not commented.