Jennifer Lopez’s selfie trick is GENIUS

And it ~don’t cost a thing~.

Jennifer Lopez’s selfie trick is GENIUS

So we’re all pretty used to ogling flawless celeb selfies but there is one thing that trumps that: finding out exactly how they get those snaps on-fleek. The makeup, the angles and the lighting all seem to play a part, but we hadn’t heard of Jennifer Lopez’s trick before. And it’s CLEVER.

"Hold your iPhone up high," she told Instyle. “It's usually the best angle for most people."

We already knew that sneaky technique, but for the real J-Lo frame-booster, you’ll need to keep your phone on front-facing mode. And then...

"Turn around in a circle until you find the best lighting before taking your photo," she explained.

This trick should come with a dizzy warning, just sayin'.

So to make like J-Lo, you’re gonna have to channel our homegirl Kylie and get spinning around.