Uh oh, Jessica Alba's Honest Company is in trouble again

They’ve had to recall a bunch of baby wipe products.

By Jessica Chandra
Jessica Alba Honest Company

Jessica Alba’s business, The Honest Company, has had to recall a bunch of baby wipe products because there’s a chance some of them may contain mould.

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They did this voluntarily, and even released a video letting customers know the deal — because they are honest, duh.

“Honesty and transparency are the foundation of The Honest Company,” co-founder and Chief Purpose Office Christopher Gavigan says in the video. “Each day, we do our best to help people make better choices for their families. And if we can’t live up to the expectations we’ve set, we’re committed to letting you know.”

Thanks, Chris.

He then goes on to explain that some of the baby wipe products may have stains on them due to “the potential of presence of mould in certain lots.”

The baby wipes can be bought in packs of 10, 72, 288 and 576, and are included in several of The Honest Company’s gift sets (just FYI).

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This incident is just the latest gaffe in The Honest Company’s history of products gone wrong.

There was the time customers complained about the brand’s sunscreen, because they still got burned after using it.

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Then as recently as January, the company did a voluntary recall of their organic baby powder, after concerns the product was causing eye and skin conditions.

They were also sued in September 2015 by a consumer who said they weren’t as natural and organic as they claimed to be, and that some of the products had “unnatural” and “synthetic” ingredients.


Jessica hasn’t commented on the latest recall, but in the past she’s defended The Honest Company, saying in a statement against allegations, “I know my children, Honor and Haven, are growing up in a safer home because of our products.”