John Mayer wrote a love song about bath bombs and we honestly feel the same way

All the fizzy feels.

john mayer lush bath bomb song

John Mayer is no stranger to sharing his top beauty tips with the world. He's spilled on his secret to smooth skin (spoiler: it's lonliness), as well as his crazy thorough skin regimen.

But for his latest instance of beauty praise, the 40-year-old singer took it up a notch by writing a love song about the latest cosmetic product to win his heart: bath bombs. And what was the bath bomb that inspired such a beautiful ballad you may ask? None other than Lush Cosmetics' 'The Big Sleep' Jelly Bomb ($8.95 at Lush Cosmetics).

As he witnessed the bath bomb fizzling out in his bath, Mayer took the fascination we all share about said product and belted out a few impromptu lyrics: "Jelly bombs excreting / All the things my body's needing / As I climb into the bath / Because my back just took a beating."

But did he stop there? Oh no! The singer then whipped out his guitar to slam out an acoustic backing to complete his love song.

And it's not just the Jelly Bomb that's won its way into John's affections/beauty routine. The bath time crooner has previously raved about the popular Intergalactic Bath Bomb ($8.95 at Lush Cosmetics), which may have marked his conversion to lifelong love of the fizzy product.

According to Bustle, Lush themselves have since responded with their recommendation for John's next bath bomb romance — the Big Blue ($6.95 at Lush Cosmetics

Just as appreciative of John's newly penned song bath time song was Twitter, who had some hilar reactions to the certified banger.

Honestly, we wouldn't be mad if this became his next single.