This ‘bubble mask’ will turn your face into a fluffy cloud

Still keen tho.

By Erin Cook

DISCLAIMER: When it comes to K-beauty, we are on board. Many of our favourite innovations in cosmetics and skincare have come out of Korea. Take sheet masks, for example. Oh, and BB creams too. Let's not forget about essences either!

Enter bubble masks.

This new category of face masks are unlike anything we've ever seen before. What starts off as a regular mask begins to bubble and puff, until after a few minutes you start to look ridiculous.

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale ~treated herself~ to a bubble mask recently and, well, take a look for yourself:

Lucy shared the experience with her fans via an Instagram story. "OK, it's starting to bubble up," she said after applying the mask. "Oh my God, it feels so weird."

If Lucy was a bit sceptical before trying the mask, she is officially converted: "I mean, you guys. I thought this was a scam. I had no idea it was going to bubble up this much. I look like a gargoyle."

As many Reddit users discovered, these bubble masks keep on bubblin' until your face resembles a fluffy cloud.

Reddit: ZeApollo
Reddit: ZeApollo
Reddit: WhiskeyPebbler
Reddit: WhiskeyPebbler

The OG bubble mask is Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, $10.97 at Amazon. This product was formulated specifically for people who suffer from acne and claims to lift dirt and impurities out of your skin.

However, other brands have used this technology to create bubble masks for a variety of skin concerns. The Bubble Mask Detoxifying & Oxygenating, $26, at Sephora has the same bubble-y effect and delivers a hit of vitamin E and antioxidants.

Are you game?