The Kardashians' hairstylist has revealed the next big hair trends

And if their hair is anything to go by, we're in for a wild ride.

The Kardashians' hairstylist has revealed the next big hair trends

Celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin, has been a part of the Kardashians' Glam Squad for yonks (she also tends to Chrissy Teigen and anyone who's anyone's in H-Wood) and she’s just given the lowdown on what’s going to be hot AF in hair.

Given Khloé’s UH-MAZING recent chop and Kylie’s ever-changing cool wigs (oh, and also the fact she looks after the manes of the most photographed people in the world) we’re all ears. Here's how your hair will be looking in the near future.

Grow out your bob

According to Jen, cleavage-length hair is in, especially if it has blunt ends. Alternatively, she recommends opting for a shaggier style to create a softer look. So Koko's about to get growing.

Say goodbye to ombré

“For a bold statement, sand-art-inspired styles will be huge. And ombré is getting subtler. [Treatments like Matrix's SoBlur soften sharp ombré lines.]” She told

Prepare to change your look A LOT

We’ll also want to be switching up our hairstyle and avoiding heat-styling tools. Jen says there’ll be a resurgence in next-day hair and women will look to YouTube tutorials and social media for inspiration. “Like crazy-cool braids or sleeping in a high ponytail for beachy waves. It's all about mixing it up to maintain healthy hair.” Or, we could make like Kylie and have a selection of glorious wigs at the ready. Just sayin'.

See. Jen’s hair is full of the BEST secrets. She even showed us how to recreate Khloé's signature waves (watch the tutorial below). GENIUS.