The Kardashians (reportedly) fired their makeup artist. Now, she’s telling her side of the story

'When something personal happens, it’s just a personal thing and I don’t think it’s anyone’s business. But...'

By Erin Cook

In late June, rumours began swirling that the Kardashians had fired their long-time makeup artist Joyce Bonelli. (See our original report here.) The news came via Us Weekly, after a source told the magazine, "the family doesn't speak to her anymore," and that "she hasn't worked for them for months."

Burn. This isn't the first time the Kardashians have been accused of spectacularly cutting off their staff; the sisters' stylist Monica Rose was suddenly let go last year; Kim's former assistant Stephanie Shepherd received the same treatment.

So, what happened between Bonelli and the Kardashian family — if anything?

A few weeks after the split made headlines, Bonelli shared her side of the story with People. "I've never been fired," she said. "When something personal happens, it's just a personal thing and I don't think it's anyone's business. But people should know, too, that I wasn't fired and I love all of them and I'm proud of them, too."

Bonelli then added this mysterious quip: "Who hasn't gotten in a fight with their girlfriends?"

Regardless of everything that went down, the makeup artist says she still admires the Kardashian family. "I'm inspired by that whole family—I mean, just look at them—[their] work ethic and each individually are amazing," she said. "We definitely are on the same level as far as working so many years together. I'm so proud of Kylie and her Forbes cover."

So there was a fall out? But Bonelli doesn't want to talk about it? Sips tea.

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