Karlie Kloss' new 'Good Girl' perfume kinda looks like… a dildo


By Jessica Chandra
Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss was named the face of Carolina Herrera’s new fragrance Good Girl in January, and it makes perfect sense – Karlie has a reputation as being one of the nicest girls in the fashion industry, as she’s always friendly and even bakes cookies for everyone.

When they made the announcement, designer Carolina Herrera said the fragrance was about being a woman in the way that “we are sensual, coy, and mysterious, we can be loud or quiet, but we can be also very naughty when we want to be, and Good Girl is about that duality, which empowers women.” She added, “Karlie is the perfect embodiment of who we think this woman is.”

So while the perfume is called Good Girl, there’s apparently an element of being “naughty”… and that’s exactly where people’s minds went when the company released an ad for the fragrance on the brand’s House of Herrera Instagram page.

You see, in the video clip, in which Karlie holds the perfume, everyone thought it looked like she was holding a dildo. And they did not hold back in the comments!

“That is a vibrator, not perfume,” wrote one person, according to E! News. “Who approved this design?” asked another user. Lots of other people made comments about how the bottle resembled a sex toy, but you can’t read them because the post has been taken down.

TBF, the angle wasn’t great. The bottle is meant to be shaped like a stiletto, which can be seen in the ad below, but it’s still not that obvious.

As for who approved the bottle’s design, that would be Carolina Herrera. “I wanted an object of feminine power,” she explained. “All women, every single one of us, have this duality. We’re not just one-note, or have one talent, or one personality. I wanted to use the shape of the bottle to represent and empower women.”

That works whether you see the bottle as a stiletto or sex toy, we guess.

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