Bella Thorne has something to say about Kendall Jenner's 'acne'

She was legitimately acne-shamed.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Kendall Jenner acne shamed online, Bella Thorne defends her

If you feel like rolling your eyes so hard you see your brain today, then read on!

Daily Mail recently published an article that was solely based around the fact that Kendall Jenner had a couple of blemishes on her face, titled "The big rash of Kendall Jenner".

They went on to provide close-ups of Kendall's face, acne-shaming her. Suffice to say the internet was not pleased.

So who came to her rescue? None other than outspoken Bella Thorne. Bella took to her Twitter account to show her disgust in the article, saying, "This makes me beyond mad. Like what everyone gets acne !! SHES A HUMAN BEING LEAVE HER ALONE for fucks sake."

Bella must have been feeling the defence line, as she also came to Madison Beer's rescue after she was period-shamed online last week.

Yeah, you read that right. Madison Beer, one of Justin Bieber's prodigies was having a jolly old time on the beach with her boyfriend, when paparazzi took a shot of her being held up by him. Daily Star published the photos of which you can see a slight period leak.

Like we said, this is the place to be for excessive eye-rolls today.

"If you think someone is gross because they got their period you got a serious problem man. ITS THE HUMAN BODY GET OVER IT @MadisonBeer ❤️❤️" Bella wrote, after Madison was then accused of setting the entire thing up for publicity.

Bella went on to say that, "Honestly there needs to be harsher laws against bullying and cyber bullying this is not ok."

We couldn't agree more.

Moral of the story: if you're a human, you're going to get a damn pimple here and there. And if you're a female, period's are inevitable. Let us live FFS.