Kim Kardashian has been trialling unreleased KKW Beauty products for months — and no one noticed!

Sneaky, sneaky.

By Erin Cook

This year, Kim Kardashian has been busier than ever, releasing product after product for her new cosmetics brand, KKW Beauty. First, there was a crème contour kit, then a powder contour kit and she also has a fragrance that’s due to be released any minute now.

According to Kim herself, the next KKW Beauty product is going to be — drumroll please! — a line of nude lipsticks.

Speaking to PEOPLE Style, Kimmy K said she’s “coming out with [her] own lipsticks,” and has been low-key trialling her new KKW Beauty launch for months.

“You have no idea — I started wearing it [in September] at New York Fashion Week,” she said. “I posted this photo at the Alexander Wang show on my Instagram and I never had more people ask what lipstick it is in that photo. It was the most satisfying feeling when friends, makeup artists, everyone was like, ‘What is this lip liner?'”

Now that you mention it, we haven’t seen Kim wear anything but nude lipstick on her lips for months.