Kim Kardashian just teased her new KKW Beauty fragrance and we’re 3000% KEEN

But she’s already getting dragging for mixing up this one key detail.

Kim Kardashian

Fact: Your girl Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the world of fragrances. The reality TV star currently has seven (yes, seven) perfumes under her ‘Kim Kardashian’ brand but, this is the first scent in her new KKW Beauty line.

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Launching in June, the multi-million dollar empire has released two successful products — crème and powder contour and highlight kits. Only now, Kim has teased a product that isn’t made to define your cheekbones.

Yesterday, Kim shared a close up photo of pink flowers on Instagram. She captioned the image “Gardenia” and tagged the photo with a blank Instagram account called ‘kkwfragrance.’

We’re thinking Kimmy isn’t particularly an expert when it comes to plants (and tbh, neither are we), but if you didn’t notice the slight problem in the picture above, the flowers are actually orchids, lol.

This didn’t worry fans though, most of them correcting the mistake. “These are orchids tho,“ one fan wrote. Another fan added, “orchids sis...those are orchids.”

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Although we may never know whether Kim is trying to confuse us, or she really doesn’t know the difference between the two, we do know that one of these flowers or even both is linked to an upcoming KKW Beauty fragrance.

Why are we so sure?

This isn’t the first time Kim’s hinted at a new fragrance. Back in June, she posted a photo to her Snapchat of tester bottles and captioned it “KKW fragrance meeting.” She also told Forbes that we can expect a fragrance by the end of the year.

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re EXCITED!

Stay tuned for more updates.