So, Kim Kardashian's new highlighters kind of look like sex toys

Same, same but different.

You guys, we need your opinion on something. Is it just us or do Kim Kardashian West's new highlighters bear a strong resemblance to sex toys?

It's been a big week for Kim Kardashian. First, she announced that she is launching her own beauty line: KKW Beauty. The internet responded swiftly, noting that she was about to go head-to-head in the cosmetics market, against her little sister Kylie. Not only that, Kim was accused of blackface in her first campaign.

Over the weekend, Kimmy teased her first product – a collection of highlighting and contouring sticks – on Instagram. And… ah, well… take a look at them for yourself…

A little bit dildo-ish, no? Especially when they're shot between the sheets.

Despite their unfortunate resemblance to sex toys, we are keen to give KKW's new highlighting and contour kits a go. Kim is the reigning kween of kontouring so we trust her judgement. According to the KKW Beauty website, something big is going down on June 21. TBH, we're assuming it's the first product launch. Watch this space…