This K-mart sheet mask is GENIUS and will only cost you $2

We’ve never seen a face mask like this before.

By Erin Cook

According to a fictional survey conducted just now, 89 per cent of Australian women between the ages of 0 and 100 are addicted to Kmart. And who can blame them? Over the past few years, Kmart has emerged as the superior department store, with affordable AF furniture, chic homewares and budget beauty products aplenty.

Recently, one Kmart beauty product in particular has captured the internet's attention.

Introducing the DIY Formulation Free Sheet Mask. This reusable sheet mask retails for a cool $2 from Kmart stores and we, along with hoards of shoppers, are obsessed.

What makes this sheet mask so special? Well, apart from the price tag — did we mention that it's TWO DOLLARS?! — this sheet mask is reusable and formulation free.

Usually, when you purchase a sheet mask, it comes pre-soaked in a skincare product. The sheet mask works by holding the solution to your skin for an extended period of time, meaning your skin has a chance to really soak up the product — far more so than if you applied the skincare product straight to your skin, sans mask.

Kmart's DIY Formulation Free Sheet Mask is unusual because it doesn't come soaked in product. Instead, it works by holding your favourite skincare treatments in place. To use the DIY Kmart mask, slather a (very) liberal amount of your favourite serum, moisturiser, eye cream, etc onto your skin. Then, place on the sheet mask on your face and secure in place using the ear hooks. Wait 30 minutes and voila! — you've just given yourself a mini at-home facial using the skincare products you already know and love.

TBH, we've never seen a face mask like this one before. In our humble opinion, this formulation free mask is so genius, we wish we'd thought of it ourselves.

The DIY Formulation Free Sheet Mask is only available for purchase in store.