You can now buy sheet masks for your boobs to keep your girls ~nice~

‘Cause your face ends at your boobs.

By Erin Cook

Ever heard the phrase, “Your face ends at your boobs?” If you’re a Zoë Foster Blake fan – and you’ve read Amazinger Face – you’ll know what we’re talking about. Basically, your décolletage often sees a lot of sun and is one of the first areas to show signs of aging, so treating your face is pointless if your chest isn’t included.

So, when we heard that you can now buy sheet masks for your boobs, we were surprised but not against it. Couldn’t hurt, right?

As they often are, the Korean beauty industry are front-runners in this field. Depending on your concerns, K-beauty has a range of boob sheet masks to choose from, including a Golden Collagen Crystal Mask with anti-aging properties. (And it’ll only set you back $12.99 from Amazon!)

Huda Beauty posted this hilarious video of breast masks in action and we're LOLing over here.

If that’s not your thing, there’s also lace breast masks and treatments that 'plump and enlarge.'

What will they think of next?