8 K-beauty skin secrets we’re legit obsessed with

Seoul sister.

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ICYMI Korean beauty is having a ~major~ moment.

First came BB creams, then came even more game-changing K-beauty prodz: CC creams, cushion compacts, essences, sheet masks, konjac sponges, splash masks. We could go on foreverrrr but you get the gist. Korean beauty products = impressive.

But, Korea hasn't just influenced what beauty products we buy, but how we apply them, too. Enter: the 10-step skincare routine. The stuff of flawless skin dreamz.

Wondering what other skin secrets the K-beauty tribe swear by? Here's your game-changing guide.

1. Double cleansing

Double cleansing is at the top of every Korean woman's nighttime skin checklist. The two-step process effectively removes makeup, grime and pollution at the end of the day making it a must for flawless skin. First, you need an oil-based cleanser, like L'Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil, $29. Massage it onto the skin in circular motions, emulsify and rinse off. Do your double cleanse with a water-based cleanser, such as Touch In Sol All Clear Ice Blue Water Cleanser, $29.99. This will remove the oily residue and any water-based impurities leaving skin soft and fresh.

2. Charcoal sheet masks

In Korea, buying sheet masks is like buying coffee. A no-brainer. The go-to ingredient RN? Charcoal to detoxify and purify your skin for complexion perfection. Try Oh K! Deep Clean Multi Step Mask With Charcoal, $14. Your #7DaySheetMaskChallenge starts now.

3. Layering

Skincare layering is an essential K-beauty mantra. By thinking of each step as a layer, you start to treat your routine as a ritual. The most important layer? Essence. Not to be confused (but srsly so easily confused) with toner or serum, an essence is packed full of active ingredients designed to leave your skin feeling instantly hydrated. They also help your next layers (serum, moisturiser) absorb better. Try Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence, $58.

4. Ampoules

Think of ampoules like a super-strength serum that will legit change your life. Way more potent and hydrating than your regular ol' serum, they have a crazy-high concentration of active ingredients meaning you only need a teeny-tiny amount to make a BIG difference to your skin. In a traditional K-beauty routine, ampoules sit sandwiched between your essence and your serum, but if you're ~lazy~ or looking for skin routine with less steps, try replacing your serum with an ampoule for next-level results. Try Mizon Deep Sea Marine Collagen Ampoule, $60.

5. Daily face massage

K-beauty fans make time for a massage every single day. Why? Massage boosts circulation (read: gives you an epic glow), drains toxins and stimulates your muscles making it a great way of keeping fine lines at bay. Wondering how the eff you go about massaging your own face? Do it when you're at the ampoule/serum stage — the oil will stop your hands dragging the skin — gently pressing at your temples and the top of your eye sockets (at the start of your brows) and then using your knuckles to knead your face, working from the jaw upwards. Then you can graduate to the famous V-line massage.

6. Sleeping masks

If you're not already using a sleeping mask or "pack", it's time to get on board. The cult K-beauty product is designed to gradually absorb overnight when your skin is in peak repair mode. Use it once or twice a week, in place of your night moisturiser, and you'll wake up with the SOFTEST skin. Bonus: your makeup will apply like dream. Try Sephora Collection Sleeping Mask, $20.

7. Centella everything

Move over snail cream, centella is the new K-beauty buzz ingredient. Centella asiatica, a medicinal herb that's used to treat wounds and small infections, is proving itself as the MVP of skincare ingredients 'cause it's super soothing, promotes collagen production and cell turnover and also hydrates making it a hero ingredient for pretty much everyone, but especially those with sensitive and breakout-prone skin. Expect to see it everywhere this year. Try Touch In Sol All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream, $49.99.

8. Fermented foods

Korean women don't just follow a 10-step skincare routine, they also believe that glowing skin starts from within. With fermented foods such as kimchi. This spicy fermented cabbage plays a huge role in the K-beauty skin routine — for reals! The fermentation process produces heaps of anti-ageing antioxidants, most notably vitamin C, which can improve your skin’s tone and elasticity so if you're serious about glowing skin, up your kimchi intake.

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