We tried the Korean face dunking makeup hack that Bella Hadid swears by

And it actually kind of worked...

By Laura Capon
korean face dunking bella hadid

I have tried a lot of stupid things in my time at Cosmopolitan, applying my foundation with a Beautyblender wrapped inside a condom being one of the most memorable.

But still, I didn't think I would be dunking my face in a casserole dish full of cold water in the name of research... but nonetheless, here we are.

'Jamsu' is a Korean beauty hack which involves dunking your fully made up face (yep, foundation, powder, concealer, the lot) in a bowl of cold water in order to 'seal it'.

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This technique promises to not only give you seriously flawless skin, but also to make your makeup last all day. Makeup mogul Huda Beauty tried out the watery technique after it was recommended to her by Bella Hadid, who apparently swears by it for flawless skin.

If it's good enough for Bella, then it's good enough for me.

So in my quest to become that little bit more supermodel like, I of course (was forced to) willingly volunteered to try it.

Step 1:

Apply your foundation, concealer (and cream contour, if you're a bit extra like me).

Step 2:

Apply a liberal amount of loose powder all over using a puff or Beautyblender. Basically you need to bake the hell out of your face, because powder is key here.

Step 3:

When your face has more powder on it than one of Pablo Escobar's warehouses, fill a dish that's large enough to cover your face with cold water. For reference, we used a good ole Pyrex casserole dish (sorry mum).

Step 4:

Dunk your fully made up face for 15-30 seconds. Make sure you move your head from side to side to ensure you cover every crevice.

Step 5:

Pat your face dry with a towel and et voilà.

So did it work?

Well yes... kind of! I was really skeptical about this technique so the fact that my makeup actually stayed on shocked me, and I couldn't believe how matte my skin looked.

I actually prefer a more 'glowy' look when it comes to my makeup, so the matte finish wasn't for me, but I couldn't argue that my skin looked pretty damn flawless. Plus my cheeks felt softer than my chubby inner thighs.

But when you looked at my skin close up, it really accentuated my fine lines... especially under my eyes. True to its promise, my makeup did last all day, but honestly, I think I'll be sticking with my trusty setting spray from now on. Sorry Bella.

Watch the full video below: