Kourtney Kardashian shared her simple in-shower hack for curbing acne

No harsh products necessary!

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
kourtney kardashian skincare

We have spotted a ton of tried-and-tested acne busting solutions in our time, ranging from a micellar water face wash, to a foundation that actively eliminates breakouts during wear. But, according to Kourtney Kardashian, there is one breakout eliminating trick you MUST try and all it requires is a simple switch in your in-shower regime.

Recently, Kourt posted a story to her website called 'The Way You Shampoo May Cause Breakouts', and tag-teamed with the Kar-Jenner's go-to dermatologist, Christie Kidd, to chat how your hair washing habits may be causing you to breakout.

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Apparently rinsing both your conditioner and body wash off at the same time can result in an oily residue being left on your face and your back. And when this residue is not properly rinsed of the skin, it's likely to cause clogged pores and even breakouts.

After freaking us all out about the nasties that are potentially living on our backs post-shower, Kidd passed on a super simple solution to curbing these potential breakouts.

"First things first, when you wash your hair, be sure to completely rinse out all the shampoo," said Kidd. "Then, after you apply conditioner, make sure it gets thoroughly rinsed out too." Okay, we're following so far...

"Then, you should clip up your hair to get it off your back before using body wash. Lather up your cleanser all over your back with your hands and let it sit there for a moment or two — so it can absorb into the skin — then rinse thoroughly."

So basically, you're going to want to make sure you're thoroughly rising each cleaning product over your hair, and before you move on to washing your body, make sure your back is free of your hair so that your body wash is able to properly cleanse your skin.

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