Kris Jenner and Patrick Starr have filmed the beauty tutorial of our dreams


By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
kris jenner patrick starr tutorial

After hijacking daughter Kylie Jenner's Instagram to promote her new makeup line, Kris Cosmetics, Kris Jenner has appeared in a YouTube beauty tutorial with vlogger Patrick Starr, and all of our dreams have officially come true.

Appearing in his latest video, Kris collaborated with Starr to recreate one of her makeup favourites: the smoky eye.

But before getting into the tutorial, a twinning Starr and Kris recited some of Jenner's most iconic lines, including "Your sister's going to jail", "I get ten per cent" and "you're doing amazing sweetie" (which also happen to be some of the shade names in her collection.)

And as psyched as we were to see our fave momager finally doing a beauty tutorial, Kris was even more thrilled at the fact that she was filming with Starr, and fangirled the shit out of both his work and style.

Starr gave the ultimate Kris Cosmetics demo, using the 'Kris' Eyeshadow Palette, 'Kris' Face Palette, both the 'Give Me A Kiss' lipstick and liner, as well as the 'Really???' lip gloss, to create a beauty look that even Kylie would be proud of.

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It's safe to say that Starr is a Kar-Jenner favourite when it comes to promoting the family's beauty ventures. When Kim first launched her KKW Beauty highlight and contour sticks, she chose Starr to film the first official beauty tutorial for the line, and appeared as the model for his KKW beauty look.