This girl is legit Kylie Jenner’s and Lucy Hale’s doppelgänger

Meet the lovechild of Lucy and Kylizzle.

Get ready to have your mind blown…

The internet has found another one of those beautiful hybrid humans who look just like your favourite celebs combined. This time she’s the secret lovechild of PLL’s Lucy Hale and King Kylie Jenner.

Lucy posted this meme featuring her long-lost sis and lowkey was pretty spooked:

If you tilt your head to the right it’s Lucy, but when you move it to the left it’s 100% Kylie Jenner.


The internet eventually tracked down this mysterious gal and discovered she's actually a model (no surprise there) called Kelsey Calemine aka@fatherkels where there are even MORE ridic similar snaps...

Lucy? Dat u?

Um... hello Kylie?

We. Are. Trippin.

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