Kylie Jenner’s face looks completely different now

And it’s all thanks to her new eyebrows.

Kylie Jenner’s face looks completely different now

Kylie Jenner has taken her blonde look to the next level with help from Celebrity Hair Stylist Jen Atkin, who’s lifted her eyebrows to a lighter, warmer blonde shade, and it completely changes her whole look in a good way.

In case you’d forgotten, here’s what Kylie looked like with light hair and dark eyebrows beforehand – still totally hot of course.

As you can see, lightening your brows can look UH-MAZING especially during the summer months to create a more sun-kissed glow.

But before you jump on the bandwagon yourself, here's a word of warning.

Keep in mind that lightening should always be done by a professional eyebrow artist, otherwise you can risk damaging your eyebrow hairs (think: a frizzy and coarse result, just like when your hair has been bleached too much), as well as the skin surrounding your eyebrows because of the strength of the bleach (think: red, irritated skin).

The brow hairs also need to be constantly checked during the treatment process as they can lighten quite quickly and you don’t want your brows to turn orange (it can happen). The shade might also need toning with another colour post-lightening to take out any brassiness, and only a professional will have the products to get your brow colour perfect.

We're all about making like Kylie and lightening the eyebrows, but just don't risk a DIY job.