How to recreate Kylie Jenner’s show-stopping Coachella hair

Kylie’s highlighter hair is TDF.

You guys, Coachella 2017 is upon us! As always, Kylie Jenner is there and as always, she has embraced the spirit of Coachella by dressing a little cray.

Last year, Kylie donned a butt grazing neon blorange wig. This year? The 19-year-old went fluro yellow.

Surprisingly, Kylie's hair colour didn't cost an arm and a leg. According to her hair stylist for the event, Tokyo Stylez, Kylie went fluro yellow for Coachella this year, using two Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dyes in Electric Banana and Electric Lizard.

At just $19.95 each, the combination of these two bright yellow and green dyes create a very bright fluorescent hue.

For the record, that's not Kylie's actual hair that we're admiring. Tokyo Stylez created this colour using a wig, sparing the star's actual hair from damage.

Sure, it might be a bit to OTT for your workplace dresscode. But for Coachella? Hells yeah.