Kylie Jenner Just Cut Off All Her Hair Again

Her words, not ours.

By Laura Beck

Kylie Jenner just cut off all her hair again, because it's a holiday weekend in the US (which means the news is slow and Kylie cares about those of us toiling away in the trenches). Bless her and her family for making sure there's never a dull day on the world wide web! Praise hands for Kris Jenner, the O.G. of Chartbeat.

Anyway, let's take a look at King Kylie's freshly shorn locks:

And here's a video which appears to show her BFF Jordyn Woods doing the actual cutting!? Love these two!

I mean, sure! Why not! It looks great! Congrats on cutting your hair and being news, maybe pregnant Kylie Jenner!

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan US