Everybody needs to take a moment to appreciate Kylie Jenner’s mind-boggling Coachella hair

Subtle AF.

By Emily Kerr
kylie jenner coachella

Happy Coachella, you guys! By now your Instagram feeds should be awash with tassels and waistcoats and ankle-grazing kimonos and a whole host of other ~festival garms~ that nobody would ever wear in their right minds IRL. But obviously when a line-up of your favourite music stars hit the California dessert ready to p-a-r-t-y, anything goes.

Case in point: Kylie Jenner’s Coachella 2017 Day One hairstyle. BEHOLD:

Drawing inspiration from those times you need to draw attention to important exerts of text on paper, Kylizzle’s managed to hit peak, retina-ruining fluoro with her new hue.

For reals, show us somebody claiming to have brighter hair than this, and we’ll show you a liar.

TBH, we wouldn’t expect anything less from her at Coachella. Here’s a flashback to some of her iconic looks through the years.

Coachella 2016:

Srsly, where’s she gonna go from here? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow, because the party’s just getting started.

In other important ‘Kylie Jenner at Coachella’ news, did she or did she not eat this burger?

We really need to know.