Kylie Jenner made a play to end Jeffree Star's savage reviews and he's come for her on Twitter

Oooop, careful not to burn yourself with this hot tea, spilled by Jeffree Star...

Kylie Jenner knows that in the cosmetics universe, Jeffree Star basically is god; the prolific makeup reviewer has four Pomeranians (named Diva, Diamond, Daddy, and Delicious), the best wigs known to mankind and, a long-running feud with Kylie Cosmetics.

Since he began putting is reviews on YouTube, star has come for Kylie so many times over the price and quality of her products and, it appears she might be fed up with it.

According to Jeffree, Kylie Cosmetics have removed him from their PR list, which means he will not be sent any products to review ahead of time (including Kylie's new Stormi-inspired collection).

After figuring out her was being blacklisted, Starr took to Twitter on Thursday (Mar. 1) to spill the tea all over the place.

Kylie's team has not commented. But, by the looks of the reality star's posts, she's slinging her makeup line as per usual and DGAF about Jeffree ranting on Twitter.