The internet thinks Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are about to have a makeup showdown


With the news that Kim Kardashian will soon be releasing her own makeup line, beauty fiends around the world collectively celebrated by throwing their debit cards at their computer screens in anticipation of its June 21 release.

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It comes just months after the 36-year-old collaborated with baby sis Kylie Jenner for a joint makeup line, and while we’re sure the pair are super supportive of each other’s beauty ventures, we all know the ‘net loves to create a bit of beef - and let's not lie - we love a bit of ~drams~.

Enter Twitter users (of course) who decided to turn the sitch into a hilarious Kim vs Kylie scenario, in which the pair are battling for ultimate reign over the cosmetic world.

The resulting posts were LOL-worthy as always, and we've gathered some of the best below. Enjoy.