Fans are convinced that Kylie Jenner latest makeup release is defs a sign she’s pregnant

We can always count on Ky’s fans for some whack pregnancy theories!

kylie jenner instagram pregnant

Now that Kim Kardashian has confirmed the safe arrival of her baby girl, and the world is too psyched for the arrival of Khloe Kardashian's bub, all eyes are now well and truly on Kylie Jenner and any sign that she may be pregnant.

After Kylie was absent from the Kar-Jenner clan's annual Christmas Card, not to mention she hasn't made one single post on her personal Instagram account since December 26th last year, fans are clutching at any suggestion that the younger sibling may be preggs.

Just yesterday, Kylie teased the launch of a brand new Kylie Cosmetics shadow palette in the above post, asking her followers "who's ready for a new 9 pan palette?" Fed up with the lack of communication from Ky, fans were determined to take the post as a hint about Kylie's rumoured pregnancy.

Countless tweets singled out the palette's blue packaging, as well as the 9 colour pans it contains, taking those deets to mean that she's having a boy, and that she's now had her bun in the oven for 9 months.

So if we're reading into the colour and number of pans the palette contains, why not dissect the rest of her posts?!

Shortly after the initial teaser, Ky had revealed the palette's name as Blue Honey. Potensh baby name?!? She also mentioned that the palette would be launching on January 23, which is super close to her predicted due date of February 4. Perhaps her arrival of her potential future bub has been bumped up a coupla weeks up and is now, in fact, expected later this month?!

Okay, we're done.

....Maybe... Actually, no. Here's another theory we have up our sleeves: There is a teeny, tiny, doughnut-shaped chance that Kylie Jenner might be Kim Kardashian's surrogate. Don't believe us? Read this and then let us know.