Kylie Jenner accused of copying NZ vlogger’s eye shadow palette

Here we go again…

By Natasha Harding

As soon as we heard Kylie Jenner was adding the punny ‘Kyshadow’ eye shadow palette to her makeup empire, the beauty sphere was destined to lose their shit over it. After selling out in one minute flat (‘cause, Kylie), it’s safe to say the smokin’ shades are going down pretty frekkin’ well with the fangirls but not everyone is as impressed.

One New Zealand vlogger, Shannon ‘Shaaanxo’, took to Twitter to share a pic of the new Kyshadow palette next to one from her own makeup line and the two look somewhat similar. Using only emojis in the caption, it seems Shannon didn’t want to make the comparison explicit, but it's kinda obvs that's what's going on here.

Then the Twittersphere did what they do best and weighed in on the sitch. Many argued that Ky had legit ripped of a few of Shannon’s shades….

While others argued there are only a limited number of colour ops Ky could have picked for a ‘nude’ eye shadow palette.

Then Shannon chimed back in to reassure her fans that she never accused Ky of ‘copying’ her, but merely suggested that the two palettes look ‘similar’…

Shannon went on to say that there’s ‘no beef’ between the two makeup makers and that she’s still going to buy the Kyshadow kit when it comes back into stock.

This is either an epic case of backpedalling, or she's just got a big Ky fan and wanted to show how 'great minds think alike'... Either way, we don't really know what to think 'cause this isn't the first time Ky-lizzle's been accused of copying NZ bloggers either - remember when Ky twinned her hair and bikini Coachella sitch with @britday121? Maybs she's just a big fan of NZ style? WHO KNOWS ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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