You’re one step closer to having Kylie Jenner’s pout

This will actually be on everyone’s lips.

kylie jenner lipstick

Much like Kim Kardashian’s behind and Jennifer Lopez’s curves, Kylie Jenner’s lips are a globally-known feature. And a seriously sought after one at that, given that women will try the #KylieJennerLipChallenge, tattooing their lip liner and really just anything, to plump their pout. So it’s no wonder The Lip Gods have answered our prayers with Kylie’s very own lipstick range.

According to E!, the release of #KylieLipKit is coming this spring. EEK! We know absolutely nothing else about the range (way to keep us in the dark), but we do know that her signature matte chocolate shade will be included in the line.

Given Kylie’s obsession with having a perfect Cupid’s Bow, we expect the range to be nothing short of phenomenal.

To celebrate the lip service, here are our favourite lip looks of hers:

We wait with baited breath for a wig line too.