VIDEO: Kylie Jenner's lips in four easy steps

Give it a go if you love the look… or just for the lolz.

how to do kylie jenners lips with makeup

Kylie Jenner’s ever-expanding lips are up there with the #TheDress and WTF Iggy Azalea was rapping as one of the biggest headfucks of modern times. (Read: the past few months.)

We’ve pondered it, we’ve investigated it, and now we’re jumping in balls deep and trying it IRL. And filming it for all your how-to needs.

After vigorous testing and approximately 1,457 lip liners, we think we've pretty much nailed Kylie’s pre-Insty beauty routine. Here are some things to remember before going for it:

Step 1: Apply concealer all over your lips, extending it beyond your natural lip line to hide it.

This will also make removing your makeup so much easier as the concealer will protect the lipstick from leaving a dark stain.

Step 2: Next, hold the tissue to your lips and dust your translucent powder over the top of the concealer to set it.

HINT: You need to halve the tissue’s ply thickness. This will allow the dust to gently filter through to your lips (because if too much goes directly onto your lips it will dilute the pigment of your liner and lipstick later).

Step 3: Then, trace outside of your lip line above the ridge of your lip, followed by filling in your whole lips with the liner. You'll need to follow the shape of your Cupid's Bow for it to look more realistic.

Step 4: Finish by applying a matte lipstick for a richer, well-blended look. Pout.

Now, watch and learn: